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Mini Master 專業資格 培訓課程 系列
Professional Qualifying Training Programs

·Business Doctor 企業醫生
·Mediation & Negotiation Master 調解及談判
·Mini-MBA 工商管理
·Risk Management Master 風險管理
·Project Management Master 項目管理
·Occupational Health & Safety Master 職安健
·Human Resources Management Master 人事

調解課程 -  榮獲 法律事務界 兩大 專業認可
英國特許仲裁師公會 CIArb 認可
- 英國法務人員學院     IOP   認可
Mediation & Negotiation Master 調解及談判

Charles Sturt University 澳洲查爾斯特大學
·Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  (Business, Civil Engineering)
·Master of Commerce
·Master of Human Resource Management

CPA Australia Recognized Courses
·Bachelor of Accounting
·Master of Professional Accounting
Bangor University 英國班哥大學
Chartered Banker Institute
英國特許銀行金融師公會 - 資格課程

·MBA (Chartered Banker)
  ·for accountants
  ·for qualified bankers
  ·for MBA holders
  ·for Master Degree holders
  ·for Bachelor Degree holders

Ottawa University 渥太華大學
·MA in Human Resources
Bachelor (Top Up Degree Programs)
學位銜接課程 (最高可獲豁免94/124學分)

·Business Administration
Health Care Management

University of Chester 英國彻斯特大學
碩士學位銜接課程 (最高可獲豁免 2/3 )

Bachelor Degrees (Top up, Final 1 Year)
·More top up programmes

AQF RPL 資歷架構 過往資歷認可
Advanced Diploma by RPL
Bachelor Degree Fast Tracks
高級文憑 (可銜接榮譽學位課程,豁免學分)

·Marketing & Communicaion 市場營銷及傳播 
·Engineering 工程 
·Engineering - Electrical 電機工程
Engineering - Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
·Civil Construction 土木工程
·Program Management 項目群組管理
·Occupational Health & Safety 職安健
·Material Logistics 物料物流
·Deployment Logisics 物流管理部署
·Aviation Management (Diploma) 航空管理
·Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising
·Computer Systems Technology 電腦系統工程
·Nursing 護理學 

Graduate Qualifications by RPL
Master Degree Fast Tracks
碩士文憑 / 專科碩士證書

·Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

·Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

·Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management
·Graduate Cert in Leadership Diversity
·Graduate Cert in IT & Strategic Management


Our Services

Higher Education

Bangor University, UK

Charles Sturt University, Australia
Doctor of Philosoply [PhD (Arts / Science / Business / Education)]
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Doctor of Public Safety
Doctor of Health Science
Doctor of Information Technology
Doctor of Social Work
Master of Applied Finance
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Professional Accounting
Master of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing
Master of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation
Master of Commerce
Master of Cyber Security
Master of Cyber Studies and Investigations
Master of Dispute Resolution
Master of Emergency Management
Master of Environmental Management
Master of Fire Investigation
Master of Fraud and Financial Crime
Master of Health Services Management
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of Marketing
Master of Mobile Applications Development
Master of Networking and Systems Administration
Master of Nursing
Master of Paramedicine
Master of Professional Psychology
Master of Project Management
Master of Terrorism and Seurity Studies
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Business (Finance / HRM / Insurance / Management / Marketing)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation and Heritage)
Bachelor of Nursing

Ottawa University, USA
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Top Up Degree Completion Program)

University of Chester, UK
The University of Derby, UK
Professional Qualification
Chartered Banker Institute,
The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, UK (CIOBS)
Chartered Banker MBA

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK (CIArb)
Mediation & Negotiation Master
Professional Qualifying Training Programme

Professional Training
We provide training to those who wish to improve their knowledge in 'Accounting', 'Banking', 'Finance', 'HRM', 'Management', 'Marketing', 'Mediation', "Negotiation", "Project Management", etc. aspect; and who wish to develop their careers in business sector.
Study Overseas
Provide overseas study advisory service to Hong Kong students who have interest in studying at University of Derby, University of Lincoln, UK.